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    <b>Can a woman go through menopause if she had a hysterectomy?</b> Women who have their ovaries intact, but without their uterus, won’t get their period anymore. Occasionally, women whose ovaries were not removed during a hysterectomy experience hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. This is mostly due to the disturbance of the blood supply to the ovaries during surgery.
    <b>Can premature menopause be reversed?</b> There is no treatment that can reverse or prevent premature menopause. Hormone therapy and other treatments are available to help relieve the symptoms of premature menopause. Complications of premature menopause include infertility and an increased risk for osteoporosis.
    <b>How do I know if it’s menopause or pregnancy?</b> Symptoms seen in both pregnancy and menopause Changes in menstrual cycle. Women who are pregnant or in perimenopause will see shifts in their menstrual cycle because of hormonal changes. Fatigue and sleep problems. Mood changes. Headaches. Weight gain. Problems with peeing. Changes to sex drive. Bloating and cramping.
    <b>What foods help menopause symptoms?</b> A whole- foods diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, high-quality protein and dairy products may reduce menopause symptoms. Phytoestrogens and healthy fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids from fish, may also help.
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